Sacred Siesta Key

Siesta Key is located in the Gulf of Mexico just West of Sarasota, Florida.

Siesta Key has been a hidden sacred energy center that is only known to its residents and a few of its visitors.

Sacred world energy centers are located through out the globe, they are located via ley lines, vortexes, mineral deposits, and ancient astrological structures. Sacred Siesta Key is unique in that it holds eight miles of ever-growing, 99% quartz crystal beaches. As nearly every beach in the world gradually erodes, Siesta Key beach actually gets a little bigger each year.

The #1 rated white-powder sand is made of 99% quartz crystal. The quartz crystal continually replenishes itself, keeps cool in the heat of the day and produces a unique, concentrated sacred energy spot that synergytically radiates its energy with the life-force from the ocean waters of the Gulf of Mexico.